Tips And Ideas For Getting Kids To Study

Tips And Ideas For Getting Kids To Study

Getting the children to touch their books at home is definitely a challenge to most of the parents. Whether they are small or big, the children are very reluctant to study. Because they find no interest in it. And most of the time they feel forced to do it! So, here are some tips that will help you out. 

Stop the forcing! 

The worst thing you can do to get a child to study is to force him to study. The more you force him the further he will push away from studying. If you want your child to study then you should first stop forcing him. Because it is only natural that kids don’t do something that they are told. So if you want them to do something the best way, is to give them two options. For instance, instead of telling them to study now, you can give them the option of either studying now and watching an hour of TV later on or watch TV now for an hour and then start doing the homework. This way they can choose and have no reason to rebel. So they will calmly accept an option. 

Make it interactive and fun 

One of the major problem with all the teaching methods is that it is very boring to the kids. The kids don’t feel the interest to study. They feel too bored to study because most of the time it is the person teaching them going on about a topic and don’t even pause to see if the child has understood or not! But with Bangkok prep school teaching methods it has been proven that if you want to make your study it should be interactive study. For instance, if you ate teaching the kids about density then you can use water and items like coins and a piece of paper made into a boat. The former will drown whilst the latter will float.  

Get them help 

When you try to teach your kids, they find it difficult to forget the fact that you are their parents. And hence, don’t feel the need to study with you. They would have other demands and may even try to work out deals with you. Most often kids don’t study with their parents because in their eyes they cannot see their parent becoming their teacher! Therefore, sending them to a prep international school is good idea. As they will take it more seriously! Check out more information here

Play with them too! 

Don’t make it all play and no game. You should always make sure that you strike a balance between study time and play time. They should be able to not only study with you but you should always give them the opportunity to play with you. Do keep in mind that children bond with parents whilst playing!