Guide For Dummies: Changing A Car Tire

Guide For Dummies: Changing A Car Tire

When you’re up in the desperate, frustrating, anxiety-inducing situation of getting a flat tire in a busy intersection or a highway, then you should be aware of the basics of changing the flat tire to make sure that you can get to your destination without getting the expensive aid of a tow truck or an on-the-spot mechanic. So here is a basic guide for getting your car moving again.

Read the manual

Reading the car manual should be your priority right when you buy the car in the first place. It shows the basic specifications for your car, how to change the tires and also if there are any other mechanisms than the basics involved in this process.

Keep the required equipment

In order to get anything done, even the most random and mundane repairs on your car, you will need the important and vital equipment that should be inside your car at all times. These usually include an extra wheel, torque wrench, regular wrench, car jack, lug wrench, tire sealant, air pump and air compressor. You can get most of these, along with the extra tire at spare parts stores. Apart from spare parts you will also need safety items such as a triangle, flashing lights or a hazard light to keep other cars from crashing onto yours while you are changing tires. This is of vital importance especially when you are in the frustrating situation at night time.

Starting the jack

Before you go about lifting the car, professional store accessories in the tire changing scenario who have gone through this process too many times to count, recommend that you loosen the lug nuts before you lift the car as it will be easier. At most times, unless you do the regular servicing as required on a time schedule, the lug nuts will be rusted and tight and you will have to lose half your weight to get them off. Take off the hubcap and loosen the nuts before using the jack. If you remember the items written in the manual then you would know the soft spots of the car underside that are to be utilized for optimum fitting of the jack; and if you did not read the manual then you will have to go for the testing option. Once you have lifted the car, then take off all the lug nuts and take off the old tire and put the new tire in its place.

Then place the nuts back onto the wheels firstly by hands to ensure the tire fits properly and then using the lug wrench as tight as you can. Tighten again after lowering the car onto the ground as well. And of utmost importance is the fact that you check at service center no matter your skill level.